During the school year of 17/18 we supported the project with NOK 562 802.,-. In return, they give us a better insight of how the world works, how the youth experiences everyday life in Tanzania, and how our engagement helps change lives. Our school receives the leaders in Lushoto as guests, as well as lectures from KFUM-KFUM Global. The Peacemaker committee in Valdres travels on a study trip each year to Lushoto. 

This project invests in young people's lives. YPM Lushoto is a part of the STOP POVERTY campaign by KFUM-KFUM Global. This means that all the work being done is done by the core values and principles of peace and justice. Through our cooperation with YPM Lushoto we can reach out to youth in three different arenas; Sports work, micro financing (VICOBA) and environmental and civil rights education (S2C and PETS).

  1. We believe that sport is a place for prevention, so that youth may avoid the difficult everyday life on the streets. Sports build character and tie young people together in a peaceful way. This way, sports can be a tool promoting peace and community in the local society. Through sport the youth can see what talents they possess, combined with health gains. Trainings for local teams are being held, as well larger regional tournaments in football, athletics and biking. Some of the young participants will travel to the East Africa cup. There is also an active Ten Sing-group. 

  2. We support the founding of VICOBA-groups (“Village Community Bank”). This is a form of micro financing in smaller groups. Here one may learn about economics and investments, human rights as well as political rights. This way, people living in poverty may have a chance of taking up loans and saving money.

  3. In Lushoto we also support PETS, and the program SC",
    S2C (Subject to Citizen) is a program where the youth is encouraged to focus on problems in the society, participating in decisive processes, as well as participating when decisions are being made in the community. PETS (“Public Expenditure Tracking System”) is about giving training in revealing, working against stop corruption. Corruption is unfortunately widespread in Tanzania, and this stops the society in many ways when the community's funds do not reach the hospitals, educational institutions, public buildings, roads etc.

If you would like to dive deeper into our collaborating partners? Take a look at these links: 



As YPM Lushoto also received funds from Norad (Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation) there are strict guidelines for reporting and documenting the spending of funds. In this way we can be certain that the funds go where they are intended. 

Yearly report for YPM Lushoto: http://www.youthpeacemakers.or.tz/environment-annual-report/