Valdres vs the World

Study trips are amazing! They take you from the familiar to the unexpected and exciting. You get to experience other cultures and breathtaking natural wonders, meet enlightening people and participate in aid projects that make life more meaningful. You also get the chance to try new activities in perfect conditions.

We travel to
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Costa Rica, South Africa, Portugal, Namibia, Botswana, New Zealand, Costa Blanca, the Alps, Kilimanjaro, Italy and Interrail Europe.

Valdres Folkehogskole Cuba

Traveling abroad and learning new things together with classmates and experienced instructors is not an easy thing to achieve on your own.  That is what makes our trips so unique!

Valdres Folkehogskole Kulturer

Tribal meetings! Experiencing other cultures is a fascinating thing which promotes connection and understanding.

Activities are an important part of the study trip.

From a beach in New Zealand.
From a beach in New Zealand.

Small glimpses into great experiences.

Valdres Folkehogskole Skoleundervisning

Here, we are visiting a school in South Africa, participating in class and contributing our knowledge. It was a great experience for all of us. We think it’s important to give something back to the people who welcome us into their lives. It could be anything, depending on their needs. On this trip, the students donated a container that could be used for HIV testing and other health information.

Small moments of paradise…

Prepare yourself for incredible experiences and lasting memories.
Prepare yourself for incredible experiences and lasting memories.