One of Norway's most beautiful golf courses

"The par four hole has to be one of the most epic and beautiful one can find in this part of the world!" - quote on hole number two

Golfbane Aurdal 2


Golf - surf - ski is a versatile sports program where gold and skiing are the main activities. Have you played a lot of gold? Have you been skiing a lot? Maybe you are just interested in trying new sports activities? We aim towards an arena where both beginners and experienced individuals can develop their skills in different fields of sports. In addition to golf and skiing you will have the possibility to try many other activities. During the winter we travel to South Africa on a round trip including both golf, surfing as well as many other activities. 
Valdres Folkehogskole Freeride Surf
You will
  • Golf basics
  • "The road to golf"-course, for beginner
  • Training sessions with Golfpro
  • Games and tournaments
  • Rafting
  • Terrain biking
  • Sand volleyball
  • Wave surfing
  • Wind surfing
  • Ball games, inside and outside
  • Bare ground training
  • Telemark skiing
  • Hill
  • Jibbing
  • Snowboard
  • Summit trips
  • Day trips
  • Avalanche safety
  • Safety course
  • Powder snow
  • Kiting
  • The alps
  • South Africa

Skiing and kiting

The winter in Valdres is amazing! When the snow lays like a white blanket, this is when we pull out the TwinTips, snowboards, randonee skis and alpine skis. Valdres Alpinsenter is just 10 kilometers from the school, and offers play, jibbing, gate driving and more. Hemsedal and Tyin/Filefjell is also just an hour's driving from the school, and they are of course places to seek for everyone who loves skiing. If we are not on the slopes, we will be going for skiing trips to both prepared tracks, as well as untouched mountain ranges. Kiting on snow is also one of our winter activities. We will go on summit trips where we seek out untouched powder snow. You will learn about avalanches and safe use of the winter mountains, as well as have a good knowledge of avalanches for safe skiing in the mountains.

Surf and sport

The fall period offers a lot of golf until the snow puts an end to it, and the winter offers a lot of skiing - but in between we will also have time for other activities: surfing, rafting, climbing, mountain biking, sand volleyball. During the fall and winter there will also be ballgames: volleyball, basketball, soccer, ultimate. In addition to this, we also have sessions where we practice condition and strength. In Jotunheimen we will also climb some of the highest mountain peaks of Norway - both in the summer, and winter.

Høstperioden vil by på mye golf fram til snøen setter en stopper for det, og vinteren byr på mye ski - men innimellom får vi også tid til flere andre aktiviteter: Surfing,rafting, klatring, terrengsykling, sandvolleyball. Utover høsten og vinteren blir det også ballspill; volleyball, basketball, fotball, ultimate. I tillegg har vi økter hvor vi trener kondisjon og styrke. I Jotunheimen skal vi også bestige noen av Norges høyeste fjelltopper - både sommer og vinter.


Valdres is home to one of the most beautiful golf courses in Norway! Valdres Golfklubb is the school's partner. This will be our classroom during the fall. Here we will work with the basic strokes in golf, rules and etiquette. Beginners will have the opportunity to learn the game, while experienced players will be able to develop their game. We have training sessions with our own pro (professional golf trainer from Golfforbundet), where we work with technique, personal development and tactics. We will go out visiting other golf courses in Norway. After a long and amazing winter with amazing days for skiing, spring will finally arrive. Then we will head back out on the hunt for freshly cut grass.


Road Trip in South Africa - Together we will journey through South Africa and explore this amazing part of Africa. The school has its own partner/bus company which will take us around. Ranging from Nelson Mandela's Africa - meeting local youth through YMCA - take part in helping other teenagers in a different everyday life. Of course there will also be access to selected amazing golf courses, surfing along the african coast line, and lots more sports activities!

The Alps - Fantastic days consisting of powder skiing and steep hills in The Alps. Schladming is a host for the Alpine World Championship, and we will head down there to test their slopes. This area offers both well prepared slopes, park facilities, fantastic possibilities for off-piste skiing as well as the Dachstein glacier - where we can ski at an elevation of almost 3000 meters asl!


Food and Lodging
Kr. 75 000,-
The sum covers food and lodging as long as the school is open.
General Expenses
Kr. 15 000,-
The sum covers equipment rental, copying, electives, core subjects and group trips.
Program Expenses
Kr. 46 000,-
The sum covers all domestic and international trips, activities, instructors and equipment rental.

What does it really cost?

Many do believe that folkehøgskole is expensive. It is however cheaper to board at the school than to stay in an apartment and pay for your own food expenses. Take a look at the cost example below:

School costs per month (board, accomodation and travels)Kr. 15 111,-
- Support from Lånekassen per monthKr. 13 930,-
For you to cover each monthKr. 1 181,-

More information

We have gathered all practical information regarding finances, insurance and other important matters in one site. On Lånekassen's website you can find more information, as well as apply for financial support. 

Welcome to a fantastic year!

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