Maybe this will be the year you climb among the world's talles mountains?

Maybe this will be the year you climb among the world's tallest mountains? There will be ancient granite, crispy ice, bottomless powder snow, trips among some of the most beautiful and wild sharp peaks, campfires and sweat! This is just a teaser of the experiences of Basecamp Mt. Everest.

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You will
  • The highest mountain range in Northern Europe
  • Jotunheimen during all seasons 
  • Climbing inside/outside
  • Skis and boards
  • Competence in avalanche safety w/ exersises
  • Buddy rescue in avalances and water
  • High mountain competence for safe journeying
  • Brattkort/Steep card
  • Kite
  • River kayaking
  • Glacier hikes
  • Ice climbing
  • Terrain biking
  • Downhill biking

That good feeling

During the fall, there will be mountains, forests and water. Glacier walks and summit hikes in Jotunheimen, among the 2000-meter peaks of Norway. From the calm, good feeling around the campfire with friends, to receiving a helping hand up the last steep climb before you reach the top.

Vertical focus

Climbing, rappelling, terrain biking and river kayaking are also things we will try. It's all about working on a team with gravity, nature, your balance, as well as your classmates!

Close to nature

Valdres folkehøgskole has a fantastic location for the activities on our plan! With Jotunheimen, The Hemsedalsmountains, and Stølsvidda as our playground, nothing is far away. The climbing field of Flaggfjell is a short five minute walk from the school, and with a large bouldering room at the school we make sure to spend our days well! 

Valdres folkehøgskole ligger fantastisk til for de aktivitetene vi skal holde på med! Med Jotunheimen, Hemsedalsfjellene og Stølsvidda som lekeplass er det kort vei å dra. Klatrefeltet Flaggfjell ligger bare 5 min gange fra skolen, og med et stort buldrerom på skolen, får vi brukt dagene godt!


Himalaya - Nepal - Everest Basecamp

Go trekking among the highest mountains in the world! The goal is Everest Basecamp and the mountain Patar. Walk among the old trails and traffic routes into the kingdom of the Sherpas. To reach this goal, a car or bus is not an option. Along this route, there are no roads, and trekking is the only way to get from village to village. Horser, and later on yak bulls are the only durable option apart from by feet!

A trip like this is a unique opportunity to experience thin air, glancing up on the world's highest mountain, Mt. Everest, and to experience the culture of the Sherpas up close!

We wish to give something in return to the people when we are allowed to roam their lands. Join us in helping kids and adolescents as a part of the trip. We support orphanages in renovating, providing books, education and food. 

The Alps - Austria - Schladming

Schladming, being the host of the Alpine World Championship in 2013 offers world class hills! Park, powder and amazing slopes! A great number of local skiing teachers join us and make sure that our trip to The Alps will be an experience you will not forget. We will also have the opportunity to go on summit trips in the area which will give us great opportunities for some fantastic skiing and powerful nature experiences near Austria's highest mountain!


Food and Lodging
Kr. 75 000,-
The sum covers food and lodging as long as the school is open.
General Expenses
Kr. 15 000,-
The sum covers equipment rental, copying, electives, core subjects and group trips.
Program Expenses
Kr. 46 000,-
The sum covers all domestic and international trips, activities, instructors and equipment rental.

What does it really cost?

Many do believe that folkehøgskole is expensive. It is however cheaper to board at the school than to stay in an apartment and pay for your own food expenses. Take a look at the cost example below:

School costs per month (board, accomodation and travels)Kr. 15 111,-
- Support from Lånekassen per monthKr. 13 930,-
For you to cover each monthKr. 1 181,-

More information

We have gathered all practical information regarding finances, insurance and other important matters in one site. On Lånekassen's website you can find more information, as well as apply for financial support. 

Beautiful, exciting, challenging.

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