Were gym classes too short?


Never get enough of skiing? Do you like to play ball? Maybe you like being outdoors, but would rather spend the night in your own bed?

Valdres Folkehogskole Idrett Snowboardtrick
You will get
to experience
  • Volleyball
  • Shark diving
  • Football
  • Rafting
  • Cabin trips
  • World's highest bungee jump from a bridge
  • Futsal
  • Games and competitions
  • Powder in the Alps
  • Snowboarding
  • International net sports
  • Soapbox racing
  • Floorball
  • Basketball
  • Beach volleyball
  • Disc golf
  • Telemark skiing
  • Freestyle skiing
  • Indoor and outdoor climbing
  • Basic training
  • Trail riding
  • Alpine skiing
  • Ice hockey
  • Reality TV games
  • Possibility of skydiving over the coast of South Africa
Folkehogskole Valdres Dykking
Valdres Folkehogskole Idrett Snowboard


Folkehogskole Valdres Volleyball


South Africa // The Alps

We will surf the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and dive with sharks in the Indian Ocean. We will explore Cape Town and the diverse wildlife of Africa. We will push boundaries and gather wonderful experiences. 

We will play in steep powder in the Alps for six days of intensive skiing and snowboarding.

Valdres Folkehogskole Idrett Skibinding

Hello .-)

My name is Sigbjørn, and I’m the program instructor for Sports Piste. This program is all about creating a space for everyone to just be themselves, both as individuals and athletes. Together, we will make this the best year of your life!

Jeg er utdannet adjunkt, bachelor i idrett, og jeg har ett år med idrett, kultur og utviklingssamarbeid med CHRISC og Norges Idrettshøgskole. 

Sigbjorn Rodstol

Welcome to an amazing year!


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Valdres Folkehogskole Idrett Volleyball