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We have one of the best selections of electives among folk high schools in Norway. If you want something new, this is your chance. Choose up to 14 hours of electives per week.

Folkehogskole Valdres Valgfag Topptur (1)

Ski touring

Hike up one of the beautiful mountains near the school, and enjoy the wonderful descent! Introduction to avalanche safety and terrain assessment.

Valdres Folkehogskole Valgfag Terrengsykling (1)

Mountain Biking

Valdres has some great places for mountain biking. Feel the adrenaline, experience the flow and enjoy nature!

Ta Opp Fag Valdres Folkehogskole Boker Blaa

Folk High School + Retake Subjects = Perfect Match

Going to folk high school usually means wanting something different. At the same time, you can retake subjects and improve your grades for later studies. This elective is run by our educators.
We facilitate teaching and guidance from other academic institutions.

Valgfag Ski

Alpine skiing

Receive tips, learn new techniques and seek out the powder at our local alpine center!

Folkehogskole Valgfag Langrenn

Cross-country skiing

Valdres is home to one of the best areas in the country for skiing, with 1,500 km of groomed trails right outside your door. Become a master of both skate skiing and classic technique, and “dance” across the snowy plains with superb views and smooth glide.

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The school has several outdoor climbing areas nearby for you to enjoy, and only 400 meters away is Valdres Storhall with two large indoor climbing walls, measuring 16 meters in height. Here you can learn techniques and safety, and get your own climbing certificate!

Folkehogskole Valdres Valgfag Longboard


Create your own longboard from scratch! Design it the way you want and buy the wheels you prefer. Create something that will bring you joy even after your year with us.

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Ski Making

Experience the joy of making your own skis! Mount the bindings and feel the rush as you test your homemade skis for the first time in wonderful powder snow.

Folkehogskole Valdres Valgfag Telemark

Telemark skiing

Learn telemark skiing at our local alpine center! 

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Dog sledding

Speed away on a sled pulled by a pack of vigorous dogs, taking you deep into the mountains! Truly a winter wonderland experience.

Folkehogskole Valgfag Matkontinent

Food from 5 Continents

Learn how to make exciting and flavorful dishes from five different continents!

Folkehogskole Valdres Valgfag Baking

Basic Baking

Learn the basic baking techniques and enjoy the aroma of delicious pastries and cakes! Few can resist freshly baked goods.

Folkehogskole Valdres Valgfag Kano


Learn paddling techniques and safety, and go on trips in your canoe. Gliding through the water is a great way to experience nature, and a gentle way to travel!

Folkehogskole Valgfag Trampett


Want to practice backflips before the ski season? This is an excellent way to improve your coordination.


Knitting + Crocheting

Knitting is often fashionable in folk high school. You can design your own hat, or make a sweater if you’re feeling ambitious!

Folkehogskole Valgfag Manualer

Strength Training

Create your own training program and learn basic strength training with equipment. 

Folkehogskole Valgfag Yoga


Learn yoga techniques for relaxation, strength and stretching.

Folkehogskole Valgfag Crossfit2


Get your full-body workout with crossfit training.

Folkehogskole Valdres Kulinariskeretter

Culinary Dishes

Learn to cook fancy dishes with lots of spice and flavor! End each session by eating a delicious meal together.

Folkehogskole Valgfag Sjakk


Instruction in chess, strategies and gameplay.

Folkehogskole Valgfag Smykkeverksted

Jewelry Workshop

Design and create your own jewelry, either for yourself or as a lovely gift.

Folkehogskole Valdres Valgfag Snowboard


Learn techniques and go snowboarding at our local alpine center.

Folkehogskole Valgfag Kondis


Looking to improve your endurance? Start running. Mountain running, track running, forest intervals, uphill races...

Folkehogskole Valgfag Gitar


Basic instruction for playing the guitar. A great opportunity to learn how to play an instrument!


Hunting License / Clay Pigeon Shooting

Practice the theory required to pass the exam for the hunting license, and try your hand at clay pigeon shooting!


Learn basic massage techniques and get an introduction to different muscles and body functions.


Find your rhythm with Zumba! 


Play floorball in Valdres Storhall with boards. Technique, practice exercises and plenty of games!

Ice hockey

Each winter, the school creates its own ice hockey rink. Floodlights in the evening. Learn techniques, practice teamwork and play matches!

Disc Golf

Learn how to throw and play frisbee! Play disc golf on the 21-hole course near Valdres Storhall, just a few hundred meters from the school.


Learn basic swing dancing. It is sure to bring you joy! 

Beach volleyball

Our dedicated beach volleyball court provides plenty of opportunities to get acquainted with the game. Learn techniques, practice teamwork and play matches! The course is also available after class.


Pedal hard to loud music in the school's own spinning room! This is a great, effective and fun workout for everyone.

International Net Sports

Explore exciting international net sports like seprak takraw, indiaca and football tennis. Expand your sports horizon.


Strength and endurance training to intense music!


One of Norway's finest golf courses is only 6 km from the school. Frolic on Jon Almaas' favorite course, and learn the proper swing.