Global Glede

Step outside yourself and contribute towards something greater. Seize the opportunity and experience the school's peace and aid project. Since 2012, our students have provided aid to Lushoto, a mountain village in Tanzania.


You will join a team of seven students from various programs, as well as two research fellows. It will be fun for the whole school to participate in the project through activities like global races, days of kindness, bazaars, flea markets and creative competitions. Working as a team towards something meaningful brings joy to everyone!


You will learn a lot about peace and aid work through our partner in Tanzania and the talented people at YWCA-YMCA. You will also learn how to organize events and activities, and gain knowledge about fighting poverty and injustice. Some students have been offered jobs while participating in this project. Surprisingly great!

Travel to Tanzania

Visit the project in Lushoto, Tanzania. An important part of the project is to see the fruits of our efforts. Join our local partners and experience an amazing culture that you can learn so much from. The school covers the whole trip, so that the funds you have raised go entirely to the people.


Join the Committee of 22/23

Our research fellows will provide information about participation during the first two weeks. Stay tuned ;-)

Learn more about the project

Fight poverty

Globallop Jenter

The Global Race

The Global Race is the biggest event of the year for the Lushoto project at Valdres Folkehøgskole. Students work hard to gather sponsors and run to raise money for the project. They have already raised millions of kroner to fight poverty and empower youth for equality and justice.

This is a large and fun event that not only gets all the students involved in the project, but also challenges them to think and be creative. They will work together to come up with new ideas for everything from fundraising to costumes, and use their creativity to organize the race.