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You will
  • Piloting different types of drones
  • Competing in drone sports
  • Rules on the usage of drones
  • Building and programming your own drone
  • Simulator training
  • Learn about video, and make movies
  • Learn about the usage areas of drones
  • Rescue missions
  • Mountain safety - avalanche missions
  • Sports missions from other study programs
  • Searching for missing animals with drones
  • Amazing Race
  • Game of Drones
  • Choose activities from other programs
  • Planned purchase of 3D-printer

Drone Pilot - sport

Droning is a relatively young and fast growing sport in Norway. To fly a drone is more than simply controlling an unmanned craft. Learn technique, balance, mentality and strategy for becoming a master when it comes to drones. Drones can be used in a wide variety of areas. Here you will experience the crucial tasks drones can solve for our society. It's a lot of fun to master drones from A to Z. This is what you can do here with us!

Our own airport

We have the best training conditions when it comes to flying drones. We have our own airport, Fagernes Airport, which offers safe and good teachings in a controlled environment. 

Join other studies at our school

In addition to attending your own program, you will also spend time at the other programs our school offers. This way you can attend many of our different classes, both with and without drones. 


As a student you will have the possibility of joining the excursions of other programs. Valdres folkehøyskole travels all over the world! You choose your destination and line of studies you wish to attend during the autumn. Feel free to take a look at the programs and destinations for our other study programs as well.


Andøya Spaceport

We will collaborate with Andøya Spaceport for the class on drone knowledge. 


Drone I Lufta Vfhs


Food and Lodging
Kr. 75 000,-
The sum covers food and lodging as long as the school is open.
General Expenses
Kr. 15 000,-
The sum covers equipment rental, copying, electives, core subjects and group trips.
Program Expenses
Kr. 46 000,-
The sum covers all domestic and international trips, activities, instructors and equipment rental.

What does it really cost?

Many do believe that folkehøgskole is expensive. It is however cheaper to board at the school than to stay in an apartment and pay for your own food expenses. Take a look at the cost example below:

School costs per month (board, accomodation and travels)Kr. 15 111,-
- Support from Lånekassen per monthKr. 13 930,-
For you to cover each monthKr. 1 181,-

More information

We have gathered all practical information regarding finances, insurance and other important matters in one site. On Lånekassen's website you can find more information, as well as apply for financial support. 

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Game of Drones

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