Finance and insurance

Finance for the school year 2023-2024

Tuition is free. However, you must cover the expenses related to activities, transport, travel and teaching materials, and this is covered by the fixed price.

For many students, this will be their first time managing a sum of over 100,000 NOK. As for us, we want to help our students gain control of their personal finances, and provide transparency for both our students and their parents/guardians. That is why we offer a fixed price, a clear payment plan and personal guidance. We are pleased to note that the total support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund for the school year 2023/24 has been raised to 125,370 NOK, of which 40% will be converted to a grant upon completion of the school year. 

Price information

Food and Lodging
79 000 NOK
The sum covers food and lodging as long as the school is open. Applicable to all programs.
General Expenses
15 000 NOK
The sum covers equipment rental, copying, electives, core subjects and group trips.
Program Expenses
46 000 - 48 000 NOK
The sum covers all domestic and international trips, activities, instructors and equipment rental.
Total Costs
Food and lodging + general expenses + program expenses.

Note that in the event of special economic circumstances, there may be an increase in total costs.
Examples of this include currency fluctuations, changes in foreign conditions and other factors beyond our control.
The list is not exhaustive.

* Additionally, a season pass at Valdres Alpine Center costs approximately 2,900 NOK (recommended for Sports Piste - South Africa, as the program involves a lot of alpine skiing).
* In the X-Sports - New Zealand program, you have the option of trying bungee jumping and skydiving. Based on our experience, not all students wish to participate in these activities, which is why they must be paid for separately, approximately 1,500 NOK per jump. This also applies to skydiving in the Safari X program.

** Additionally, the Active Living and Leisure - Europe program has additional costs related to:
Additional teacher resources and student assistants (two teachers system) - 398,000 NOK.
The current school, employer, parents/guardians and/or municipality are responsible for applying for funding to cover the additional costs (usually through NAV).


The school fees are paid in the following manner: An advance payment of 10,000 NOK is due on July 15. This payment is allocated for study trips abroad.

The remaining amount, depending on the program, can be divided into two installments due on August 26 and January 16. Alternatively, it can be divided into nine installments:

A single room costs 5,000 NOK in addition to the total price.

If you withdraw your admission after August 1, you will be required to pay school fees corresponding to 6 weeks of attendance, or 36 school days, amounting to approximately 30,000 NOK. If you withdraw your admission from the Active Living and Leisure – Europe program, you will be required to pay school fees corresponding to 12 weeks of attendance, amounting to approximately 99,000 NOK.

Dietary requirements

If you have a medical condition or allergies which require a special diet, we will be happy to accommodate your needs. This may incur additional dietary costs. Please contact the kitchen manager upon your arrival at the school to make arrangements for a personalized diet, unless this was clearly stated in your application. 


All students must have their own travel insurance. As a student, you must also obtain your own extreme sports insurance, covering activities such as mountaineering above 4,000 meters of altitude, bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding, diving, horseback riding, rafting, etc.

School insurance

We have found that many of our students experience uncertainty regarding insurance coverage, and that policies can be quite expensive. As a result, we have obtained a customized travel insurance policy for our students that covers travelling, extreme sports and accidents. This applies to all school-organized trips around the world. The insurance includes medical assistance via mobile/satellite phone, as well as guidance from a security agency in case of emergencies. More information can be found here, including a download link for the app. The insurance becomes active upon completing the first overnight stay. This insurance is available for 1,100 NOK, which we believe is an affordable price compared to obtaining a separate equivalent insurance policy. 

The insurance certificate for travel insurance can be downloaded here.
The terms and conditions for the single trip travel insurance can be found here.

"The above agreement, applicable to our students, is valid for the school year 2021-22.

The above information serves only as an indication of the main coverage. A complete list of coverage and limitations can be found in the terms and conditions (635.3 as of 01.01.2018) and (625.3 as of 15.02.2020 for cancellation).  Please note that the cancellation coverage amount in this insurance certificate supersedes the coverage amount in the terms and conditions 625.3."

However, this insurance does not apply when travelling to/from school or during leisure and holidays. If you want coverage for these situations, we recommend obtaining a separate travel insurance policy for this purpose.

Illness during foreign and domestic trips

If you are unable to go on trips due to illness or injury, you must obtain a medical certificate. This is a requirement from the insurance company in order to reimburse any relevant costs. This also applies if you unable to participate during certain parts of a trip. Usually, all school activities are prearranged or paid for, and may not be reimbursed if there are fewer participants or none.

Vaccination and passports

You must contact your medical center / vaccination center / doctor and, if necessary, check to find out which vaccines you need for the various trips abroad. When receiving your letter from the school in June, you will also be informed about the itinerary for your study trip abroad. This will determine which vaccines you need. Vaccination must take place well in advance of departure.

You must have a passport in order to enter certain countries. In addition, your passport must be valid for 6 months after the return date of the trip.

For certain trips abroad, an updated COVID-19 certificate is required. It is your responsibility to ensure that your COVID-19 certificate is up to date.

Procedure regarding non-payment of school fees

If you are unable to comply with the payment plan, an alternative plan must be arranged in advance with the boarding director. If payment is not received within 14 days after the payment deadline, the student will be called in for a meeting with the principal. If payment is not received within 1 month after the payment deadline, the student will normally be expelled.

The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund

It is the responsibility of the student or their guardian to apply for grants/loans. 


Read more on the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund’s website


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