Uplifting Values

Here at Valdres Folkehøgskole, you are welcome as you are, regardless of your background, political affiliation, gender identity, worldview or beliefs. We focus on authentic encounters between people who have the courage to be themselves.

Valdres Folkehogskole Verdier


Standing up for yourself and others can be uncomfortable and challenging.
When you embrace courage, you bring out the best in yourself. 


Many people have experienced that being themselves is not enough to be liked and accepted. However, many also find that they become mentally stronger and more healthy by presenting their original self, and not the copy. You can choose to be yourself, as the others are already taken. It’s not easy, but fortunately, it can be practiced. Authenticity is always valuable.


Wanting the best for other people. Wanting the best for yourself. This is perhaps necessary in order to love. To feel loved, unconditionally, and not for what you do, but for who you are. This is one of the most powerful emotions that exist in this world.


The feeling of personal, social and academic achievement helps your self-esteem and self-confidence grow. Knowledge and understanding make life more meaningful.
You are never alone – in a real community, you can be who you are.

YWCA-YMCA of Norway

Valdres Folkehøgskole is owned by YWCA-YMCA of Norway, a Christian children and youth organization that advocates for young people’s right to live and grow as individuals. They also build open and safe communities for young people to participate and have influence. YWCA-YMCA of Norway has over 18,000 members nationwide, and is part of the world's largest women's network, YWCA, and the world's largest youth network, YMCA.


 logo-kfuk-kfum   "Be yourself and stand up for others"  


YWCA-YMCA’s slogan is "Be yourself. Stand up for others.”  Being yourself means being able to participate without having to pretend or feel pressured to act in a certain way. Standing up for others means doing good and fighting for justice, both in our local community and in the world.

YWCA-YMCA of Norway also owns Sunnmøre Folkehøgskule, Rønningen Folkehøgskole, Folkehøgskolen Nord-Norge and Svalbard Folkehøgskole. Through their work with folk high schools, YWCA-YMCA builds safe communities to help young people grow and develop as individuals.

The values of YWCA-YMCA: Openness Courage Safety Growth Justice

The purpose of YWCA-YMCA is to develop and take responsibility for the whole human being – spirit, body and soul. We want to help people live and grow through mutual understanding and faith in Jesus Christ, as well as promote passion and action in church and society, locally and globally.

Christian offer - Christian faith

We want you to experience the Christian faith:

Practicing compassion, locally and globally.

Joy and passion for life.

Caring for creation; nature and human beings.

As a student, you have the option to participate in evening gatherings and discussion groups. In the discussion groups, people discuss existential questions and share their thoughts about faith and doubt. You will be met with respect regardless of your background. Many students find this to be a meaningful and valuable experience, and this year we had a turnout of 100 students in both the discussion groups and evening gatherings.