Fight poverty

Call to action - 3 focus points for change

You can make a difference.

Poverty has been reduced by 50% since the turn of the millennium. This is mainly due to the fact that people all over the world have participated in the form of gifts and political pressure. God created enough resources so that all the people in the world can live a life without poverty. It's simply a question of how the resources are divided. KFUM-KFUM Global has a program together with the world spanning KFUM-KFUM-movement which has one goal: Zero poverty by 2030.

To achieve this we have 3 focus points:

1. Young people must have a livelihood and an income: together we create saving groups and sustainable companies which are owned and run by the young generation, and which helps them out of poverty. 

2. Young people need access to public services (school, healthcare, water etc.). Together, we train local corruption fighters who will reveal if funds are not spent on the increase of welfare. This is a simple system called "Public Expenditure Tracking" and it's extremely effective in revealing and stopping corruption. 

3. Young people need that their government has a good source of income and good conditions for development. Together with our global KM-movement we put pressure on states, UN and multinational companies to taking larger political steps for assuring the structural changes needed to eradicate poverty: sustainable climate, fair trades, cancellation of illegitimate debts, fair tax politics (which assures that large companies tax the poorer countries), etc. 

Join us in one of the largest global movements. It sure is fun and meaningful. We are changing the world. You can join us in something historic! In 20 years, poverty will be history. Join us! 

Bank account number: 3000 17 16766