X-Sports New Zealand will test your toughness. There is a wide range of action-packed activities to push your limits and get adrenaline pumping. Jotunheimen, the highest peaks in North-Europe, will be our playground. Big smiles and a thrilling school year await in the winter wonderland.


New Zealand + The Alps



Different Challenges

X-Sports offers great variety of activities. There will be roaring river kayaking and smooth gliding longboards. We will get off the ground and onto the climbing wall, or on the mountain bike, with challenging climbs, unforgettable trails and daring descents. There will be long trips in the wilderness with overnight stays in tents, cabins and snow caves. You will develop the ability to make smart and safe decisions in challenging terrain and difficult situations, especially when spending the night alone on your solo trip in the wilderness.


Food and Lodging
75 000 NOK
The sum covers food and lodging as long as the school is open.
General Expenses
15 000 NOK
The sum covers equipment rental, copying, electives, core subjects and group trips.
Program Expenses
48 000 NOK
The sum covers all domestic and international trips, activities, instructors and equipment rental.

Study Trip

New Zealand is definitely the country for those seeking the extreme. It is also a country with beautiful and diverse nature, including majestic mountains, tropical forests and turquoise seas.

Each day will be packed with activities. You will get to challenge yourself both at high altitudes and in the water. We will plunge down the world's highest commercially rafted waterfall. Surf and swim in the Pacific Ocean and enjoy our evenings together with the class. Through the journey you will discover and learn more about how the indigenous Māori people influence modern-day New Zealand.

This is a diverse and adventurous trip where you will get to test your limits and explore one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Snow and Skiing

The winter wonderland in Valdres offers endless opportunities for skiing! There will be ski touring in the mountains as well as freestyling in the Valdres ski resort. Snowkiting will also be a winter highlight. You will learn about avalanches and safe travel in the winter mountains, and go on trips with overnight stays in snow caves.

Is This Program Right for You?

This is the program for those who want to push their limits, feel the adrenaline rush, play in Jotunheimen, and try all the most exciting activities. X-sports will test your toughness! 

Are you afraid that the activities might be too challenging? Relax! This program is not about performance, and the activities will be adapted to each student, according to their abilities. 

Do you have questions about the program?

Send an email to the program instructors, Sigbjørn or Kjetil

Sigbjørn Rødstøl

Sigbjørn Rødstøl

Program Instructor for X-Sports - New Zealand