-Folk high school allows people to feel that they are good enough, and find solace in the feeling of belonging. At the same time, it challenges people and helps them grow. The balance and interaction between these two aspects make it unique learning environment as well as a good place to be.

-In folk high school, I can be exactly who I am. There is no one telling me how to be, no demands and no pressure. The only requirement is to be fully present. I'm here, I'm me, and that's good enough.

-In essence, it’s about knowing that I'm good enough just the way I am. With that as a starting point, I can be challenged and pushed towards new experiences. To step outside my comfort zone. To do things I couldn’t before. Like facing my fear of water in a kayak, organizing a gathering, performing on stage and talking honestly and openly about my life – just to name a few. I am also challenged in how I think in different situations, how I interact with people and what values I hold. I am challenged to do new things, change my behavior and patterns of thought, confront my fears and reflect on my beliefs. Not because I’m not good enough, but precisely because people can see me for who I am. Valuable. My entire self is taken seriously. Personal and academic aspects become one, equally important thing.  My instructors care about me. That's why they keep pushing me, so that I can experience as much as possible of what life has to offer. This way, I can tap into the resources within me and use them to bring happiness to myself and the people around me.