Love the snow? Join us!

-Valdres Folkehøgskole is located in the middle of a true winter wonderland. If you love snow, you know the feeling of seeing the first snowflakes in early autumn, knowing that this will be your classroom until May.

-As someone from the southwestern part of Norway, I’m not exactly spoiled with snow and reliable skiing conditions. That is why it’s so incredible coming to Valdres and seeing how stable the weather is here. It’s very convenient seeing snow one evening, and knowing that it will still be there when you wake up in the morning. Too often have I seen the snow disappear overnight, but not here.

-My favorite thing is seeing the snow lie like a glittering blanket over the ground. The trees are covered with snow, the sky is as blue as the thermometer. There is nothing but untouched terrain ahead of you, and you make your own tracks. That’s what I call winter wonderland.

-There are incredible opportunities for cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding and telemark skiing, both on and off the slopes.


-Skiing under a starry sky from eight to ten thirty in the evening. The temperature was minus ten degrees, and the landscape was covered in fresh snow. The snow creaked under my skis as I glided forward. And best of all was when the stars and the full moon lit up everything around me. True bliss.

-A day on the slopes with sunshine and clear weather. Last night's snowfall had left a 10 cm layer of fresh powder snow on the groomed slopes. As I descended, it felt like I was floating on top of the soft powder snow. That’s when I realized how magical telemark skiing could be.